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Lit Candles


Once Upon a Candle:

It all began with a spark, a desire to bring light and simcha into every home, which in turn inspired a flickering flame, our first innovation called “the travel candle,” eventually leading us to a burst of light, The Simcha Candle Co. The Simcha Candle Company, founded by Mr. Samuel Marcus in 1986, started as a fledgling company, with Samuel going from store to store in his station wagon, peddling his first and one and only item, “the travel candle”. Over the years, as the company expanded, his sons helped in its advancement. As a result we now carry many items that enhance the Shabbos table, Simchas and many different occasions. looking forward to introducing many more items iy"h. We take pride in initiating and designing countless, useful items that are being used worldwide such as the travel candle, switch covers, seamless Challa Bekelech,Chupa Havdala holders, 9 day Shiva candle, miracle oil wicks, candle holders, torches for any occasion, and many more items on the market. We painstakingly make sure that our products are continually tested for efficiency, are of the highest quality, safe and if possible certifiable kosher. Our dripless and smokeless candles are the best on the market. Our guiding principle has always been, “Keep the customer’s happiness and satisfaction in mind.”


Quality • Service • Best Prices •We ship worldwide  •Discounted Prices For Distributers


244 Mac Arthur Ave, New Windsor, NY 12553

(845) 534-0406

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